Screenshot-25Here’s the place for you to suggest things you’d like to see the family trying.  As we go along we might also require your input for heir votes and other such frolics.

Leave a comment with something you want the Dayes to try out for you and we’ll do our best!



  1. MAGICIANS! I wanna see a magician! 😀

  2. I want to know if you can stock one pond on a residential lot with every kind of fishable creature. Is it game-possible? Is it player-possible?

    I’d also like to see a collection of gnome poses, just ’cause they’re funny. How many different ones are there, anyway?

  3. Both noted. DB – one of Gen 2 will do the fishing challenges and the Perfect Aquarium LTW so we’ll investigate the pond thing. And the search for a magician mate will be the primary task of Gen 2 when they hit YA-dom.

  4. I found that my gnomes died after about 4 or 5 poses? Or perhaps its because I kept moving them from the tv back outside where they belong? lol

  5. Hooray for magicians and gnomes!

  6. Gnomes can DIE?! Could the Dayes check into that? I’d hate for it to be true (if I ever manage to catch some of the little critters!)

    I’d also love to see if you could manage different gender triplets (since you’ve proved twins to work)?

    • We will definitely be trying for mixed triplets at some stage, and as soon as we get gnomes we’ll be keeping our beady eyes on them to find out what they’re doing and if they die. I don’t remember the Kyoti gnomes dying, but then some of them did seem to disappear.

    • wait, you can do different-gender twins?! Show me the link!

  7. Not a suggestion, more of a request. When you do the “imply mother is a llama” interaction, would you please show us a picture? 😀

    • I will indeed take apicture of the llama interaction. DB/tipix: We just fished up our first gnome so I’ll be keeping a close eye on him.

      • Wahoo! Gnomage!

  8. As for Mr Gnome someone found one in the fridge
    According to wiki if you kick him he can end up with plasters on his nose, and top scientists can experiment on him, but walling him in won’t stop him.
    I remember what I was going to ask please. What’s the difference between having the sprinkler on constantly or using the upgrade option to autowater?

    • The sprinkler thing is definately money, I noticed that with the CrinkleWinkle’s before Morticia upgraded the sprinklers to auto water.

      They were on permanently because I kept forget to switch them off, after the auto water, the bills dropped by almost $500.

      ROFLMAO @ the gnome in the fridge… I wonder why the heck mine died? *sighs*

  9. Money, I think – we’ll see how our bills stack up as we go along. Also: you don’t have the sprinkler on being annoying all the time. I never auto watered with the Kyotis but the Dayes have it on and it seems much better: it waters and then turns itself off.

    My new hotheaded member of the family will no doubt give Louis Walsh a kicking.

  10. Does being childish mean that Amaryllis can use the child oven?

  11. No. I bought one yesterday to try.

    • Waaah! Why on earth did they not let that work? Thanks for checking!

  12. I’d like to know if listening to (classical) music during pregnancy can influence the baby’s traits or if listening to the kind of music that a Sim likes while doing some other leaning activity can improve the learning skill.

    If you could check I would appreciate.


  13. Ooh, good shouts. Why classical music? Or do you mean the preggo sim’s fave music? We can action the music/learning thing next time we play.

    • I’ve always heard this urban legend/pregnancy tale in RL about classical music being good for the baby development (like keeping it calm, helping brain connection’s formation and stuff) so I was wondering EA’s programmers made some gag about it in game. But if the fave music of the pregnant Sim makes the trick, it’s fine for me as well.

      I tried to test it (the classical gag) with my 2nd generation’s heiress (and her first pregnancy) but couldn’t really tell whether there was or wasn’t a different (couldn’t really remember how was the regular speed of babies learning skill to compare). So I came to ask Dayes for their input. 🙂

      • Remind me to put this in the update – we tested it on Repairlady and Babysitter during their pregnancies and I didn’t notice any significant moodlets other than the generic music one.

  14. Well, we’ll have a go!

  15. I would like to see the new child interactions that came with WA. Apparetly they can steal candy from a baby, and play peek a boo.

    • I also heard the children can do shy kiss. I would like to see that if that is possible…. I thought it was atleast when I read the update stuff.

      • Well, the boys will be kids soon, so we’ll see what interactions crop up.

  16. On the subject of mixed multiples (I’m trying to reply in that thread, but I can tell if it’s letting me or just tossing this into the general pile), I think the only way you could top the way you ended the Kyoti legacy would be to produce mixed color ghost multiples, as in one blue ghost boy, one yellow ghost girl and oo! oo! one green ghost mixie! Will the game do that? It mixes skin tones sometimes…

  17. Wow, DB, that’s some wish, right there! OK, we’ll try for mixed ghost multiples (gulp!) but not sure when…. don’t hold your horses on blue being part of that set-up though unless Gen 4 includes any blue ghost babies. Too many other coloured ghosts to collect, not to mention service sims and international sims…

  18. I’m not sure if it’s a ‘glitch’ in game but I found a way to buy mysterious mr. gnomes… I was wondering if you could replicate what I did in game and see if it’s just me or really a glitch.

    I had placed a kenspa scooter I bought from France on a bike stand to CAS the coulour. Just for fun I thought I’d try cloning it w/ the eyedropper tool. Not only did this work, but it opened up a section of buy objects and spawners for WA (as well as the base game). Included were plants, gnomes, the eiffel tower, various fish, gem and bug spawner, rubber duckies: the works.

    I was rather shocked that this had happened, have you or anyone else experienced similar things in game?

    • yeah, there’s a series of cheats you can use to get to that place, too
      1. testingcheatsenabled true
      2. buydebug

  19. I was reading somehwere that if you put a mixture of different gems and collectables on display sheles they will turn into something entirely different. Like a rainbow crystal skull.
    And that one of the mineral ollectables makes a sim sick if it is in the inventory too long.
    Just wondering if it was true or not.

    • I heard about the shapes thing, not about the other stuff. Gen 5 are going to be doing a lot of WA stuff and collecting gems again, so they will test this stuff out.

  20. Edit. Just found Tiberium is the one that makes you sick-rumours say it might kill you, eventually, and if you plant it it grows and sparkles, and becoms more valuable.

  21. Did you ever notice that there was a Lab Technician NPC walking around town? They don’t seem to do anything useful like the magicians.

    • Are they not just townies who work at the lab? Or is there a different kind of outfit?

      • I haven’t seen them in their work outfits but they appear instantly when you call them just like the service NPCs. I was wondering if it was similar to the magicians.

  22. Just had a thought about your Ambrosia theft problem – make a room with just a fridge in it – put the Ambrosia in it – then use the Lock door option. Loving your work.

    • That wouldn’t work – any food in any fridge can be eaten from any other fridge.

      • Oh well. I have only ever had one fridge. Apparently you get a different colour ghost if you are killed by a mummy, and if you sleep in a sarcophagus you can “mummify” a sim. Can we see that? perhaps also a ghost mummy Sim!

      • Yep, we’ll be trying all of that stuff in Gens 5 and 6… I hope..

  23. […] like them to do when they’re exploring tombs that your sims didn’t dare do?  Let us know! […]

  24. I’d like to see some tips for actually meeting up with the special merchant and the people involved in the adventures. Sometimes they seem to purposely be unavailable!

    • Certainly…

  25. Hey, I just had MIXED TRIPLETS without a doctor’s help! I guess they were going to be girls, but the mama wanted a boy so I had her eat 3 apples. She only watched about an hour’s worth of kids’ tv (the night before she popped) but both her and her husband had fertility treatments. Otherwise, pretty typical pregnancy, just kept her happy… she ate no watermelons or anything else except spaghetti (her favorite food). I also had her space out the apples over the 3 days somewhat, don’t know if that effected anything.

  26. Oh, sorry, forgot to mention it was one girl, and two boys as a result! I thought that was weird, I would have figured one boy and 2 girls if anything… but really overall it was very unexpected.

    • Wow, that’s so exciting! We’re going to try for mixed triplets in Gen 6 or Gen 7 I think. Good to know it’s possible though, thanks for sharing! You’re the only person I’ve heard of who had mixed multiples without a doctor though. Do you have any mods installed?

      • I have never had same gender triplets. I’ve always had 2 of 1 and 1 of the other. I have always wanted 3 of the same gender so I could have an adorable nursery…
        My founder had 5 kids, and I have picked the heir and his partner is pregnant. Once the youngest ages up to a YA (he’s a teen) I’ll move him and Derek and Delila out. I’m keeping the heir and his twin sister because the sister is the painter person, and I have an awesome 3rd and 4th floor living quarters for the spare(s) and their/his/her family.
        Your legacy stories have inspired me to make my own, i’m starting a new one since I forgot to take snapshots on the one i was blabbing about. Oh well….

      • Twallan’s mods make it easier to have mixed gender multiples than single-sex ones. Back in the early days of the game it was always single sex multis and nothing else.

        Let me know when you get your blog up.

  27. I do have awesomemod installed but as far as I know it doesn’t change anything related to genders… well, unless you cheat to purposely change a sim’s gender, and I was playing no-cheating with this family. It was actually totally unexpected!

  28. Yay! Totally up-to-date now. Bliss!

  29. id like to see different colored twins ghost (for example a blue and a yellow or red and a yellow…)

    dunno if its possible but i think id be cool :p

    • Well, I think it should be theoretically possible, but when I had a blue ghost mate with a purple ghost, I got purple ghost twins. It’s certainly something I’ll try for again at some stage but I don’t think you can predict it unfortunately.

  30. Can you keep a special eye out for the other new gnomes teddy bear (from laundry), stone(sculpting) and Troglodyte and caveman (time machine-from inventing)

  31. OK I caught a glimpse of something you can check out. The Jimmy Sprockett books don’t have a skill bar when toddlers read them, but I could have sworn I saw one when a child was reading it… I had read somewhere that they helped with homework skills so maybe those are for children to read instead of toddlers.

    • Well, Gen 7 will make it a must-do. I’ll try to compare two or three kids, one reading the base game books, maybe one reading the WA ones as well, and one not reading any, and we’ll see.

  32. Earthquakes! Or meteors… what exactly was the crazy natural disasters they added with Ambitious? Have you got any already?

  33. Firefighters are meant to trigger those off, so hopefully Gen 7 will encounter them…

  34. vampires!

    • Soon, I hope!

  35. Could you look into how/if clubs ever get more then 1 or 2 patrans? Because all of the lets plays/ other things that show the new clubs show them with like one or two patrans and a bartender. Thanks!
    (this is probaaly something you have already noticed)

    • The hot spot clubs always have loads of patrons. The paper tellls you which is a hot spot. We generally find one or two are deserted (and the game pops up saying so), one is really packed and the others all have a smattering of sims. I am guessing it works a bit like the kids’ baking table – one thing is hot each day, one or two are definitely not and everything else is average.

  36. Do you think you could try a getting the most amount of supernatural states possible? Like a vampire ghost mummy? And are you going to try out having a band maybe?

    • I am definitely going to try for ghost/vampire/mummy/simbot. Assuming Puddle becomes heir, I’ll mate him up with a simbot for Gen 9 babies and then hopefully Gen 10 can be parented by a mummy too.

      A band is the plan for Gen 9. The Gen 8 heir is going to do the five kids LTW.

      • I find it funny that something most legacies start with is just being done!
        I keep forgetting what gen we are on. They kind of all blend into one.
        Maybe thats just me…?

  37. E – no, I forget too. Bramble, Alley and Puddle are Gen 8. I did that LTW with my gen 8 heir in my last legacy, too. It wasn’t intentional, I just thought it’d be useful to have a bunch of kids to do the band thing.

  38. Vampires and Garlic =P
    I had Beau eat some garlic, cuz the whole vampire myth about garlic and he passed out. Does this affect all vampires?

    Does something like the backyard BBQ pit which randomly gives you Garlic breath, would that make a vampire pass out?

    And cooking with Plasma Fruit. I noticed that the gross food van that drives around has a plasma fruit dish, so if something is made with Plasma fruit can the vampire live off “regular” food?

    • Brilliant! Will try all of those!

  39. I’m not sure if this is possible? But, can you see how much Kids music or watching the kids channel it takes to get twins? Or Triplets?

    • I can try – I want Puddle to have twins and triplets so worth a go.

      Man, I can’t wait for my computer to be sorted out.

  40. In my legacy, during pregnancy, my sim kept rolling wants for cobbler, and the baby was born with the favorite food of cobbler. Maybe it’s the same with music, but i don’t know. Maybe you could check? Also, since Mona’s not going anywhere, Maybe she can master all skills?

    • Definitely will try. Puddle is aiming for all the skills, don’t need Mona to do it as well!

  41. Hey, my sim ate only cobbler during the whole pregnancy, and my babies favorite foods were both cobbler. Do you think it works with music?

    • Ooooh. Worth trying those things out 🙂

  42. Did you know that if, say, the father, is carrying a toddler or a baby when he goes into the hospital with a mother in labour, the toddler gets a +80 moodlet for a new baby as well!? It’s the best way to make a toddler her LTH points!!

    • Oooh, no I did not know that. Nice one!

  43. I’ve always wondered if a Sim whose favorite food is cookies will do the whole clapping thing if they eat cookies that a kid made on a toy oven. Could you try it?

    • I will try it yes

  44. The other day I was talking to my friend about using apples and watermelons to determine baby genders, and we started wondering if apple/watermelon based nectars would do the same thing. Assuming you can sort out your glitches, would you test that out for us?

    • Yes, although no idea when we’ll get round to baby making at the rate the current sims are going about their LTWs/skills etc!

      • That’s understandable! But thanks, we’re super curious!

  45. Another thing about babies. Could you compare Fertility treatment with kids music/TV?

    • Yes, it’s something I’m planning to do either this gen or next.

  46. sorry, this isnt really a quetion, but i’m trying to work out how to do a tsal – because the link to decasims in your first gen – from two years ago, i know, doesn’t work. i really want to know how to do it thanks

    • It’s just a line of the toddler skill books and skill toys 🙂 (Toddler Skilling Assembly Line)

  47. Well this isn’t really a suggestion, but I was curious as to how you’re getting the favorite color moodlets? I have started a new house after I couldn’t get it to work for my practice ISBI, and the WHOLE house is their favorite color (on the dot, I have the hex codes you linked) as well as their outfits, (all of them), and I still don’t see any moodlets for it….Am I doing something wrong?

    • It’s not a separate moodlet, it’s a boost (an extra 10 or so I think) to ‘nicely decorated’.

  48. I discovered something a while ago. If a townie goes into labor and your sim takes her to the hospital, your sim gets the new born baby moodlet as if it was their own child that was born!

    • They do indeed, which is quite funny!

  49. Hey I heard that is a male sims turns into a mummy while a female is a pregant with there kid the kid will be born a mummy can you test thing out, and I want to test what happens when you do the same thing but the female is a vampire or genie, and I also want to see the results of a genie vampire hybrid as well (and when the supernatural expansion pack comes out some more hybrids with that)

    • I’m confused – do you mean when you use a male mummy as father?

      But yes, Bunnicula’s lineage will be hybrid (she is already a simbot vampire, allegedly anyway)- going for IF next, but mummy, genie and Supernatural ones will follow..

      • To explain what I meant that if you turn a male sim into a mummy when a woman is pregnant with his child the resulting offspring will be born a mummy (or so I heard I do not have WA) I want you to try it out

  50. Oh, so turn him into a mummy after we get a woman pregnant? We could do that.

  51. What would happen if you used master controller to get a plumbot simbot hybrid? what aspects of each life form would the hybrid have?

    • We can see once Tofu’s topped out his career. I intend to play with Plumbots more at that stage.

  52. since puddle will be around forever have you considered eventually having a baby with a descendant? the sims stop showing as being related after I think 5 generations so in a few more maybe puddle can have another kid

    • No… I mean he could, the game would allow it, but the Dayes don’t need that level of incest, and Puddle already had a billion kids. He is just hanging around to skill relentlessly and do childcare. Besides, had enough mummy curse ghost babies (and still yet to have a sim die from mummy curse… reminds to put on final gen’s to-do-list)

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