Generations: 12

LTWs: 66

Hit Movie Composer – Abraham

Jack-of-all-trades – Amaryllis

Heartbreaker – Magician

Master of the Arts – Sindy

Perfect Aquarium – Thomas

Photography Collection – Eddie Kidd

Swimming in Cash – Piranha

Star News Anchor – Papergirl

Super-Popular – Koi

Gold Digger – Babysitter

Five Star Chef – Evel Knievel

The Tinkerer – Repairlady

Illustrious Author – Harry Houdini

Physical Perfection – Fuji

Martial Arts Master – Polaroid

Chess Grand Master – Adrian Mole

Perfect Mind, Perfect Body – Gandalf

Private Museum – Giggles

Seasoned Traveller – Discus

Great Explorer – Javelin

Visionary – Betty

Living in the Lap of Luxury – Giggles (2)

Astronaut – Wondermaid

Sports Legend – Kodak

World Renowned Surgeon – Javelin (and Leia)

Professional Author – Racheal

Perfect Garden – Beijing

Bottomless Nectar Cellar – Blaze/Inferno

Paranormal Profiteer – Mozzy

Fashion Phenomenon – J Cloth

Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder – Glenn

Renaissance Sim – Suki

Posession is 9/10 of the Law – Brillo Pad

Descendant of Da Vinci – Cillit Bang

Culinary Librarian – Brady

Monster Maker – Mr Muscle

Emperor of Evil – Einstein

Firefighter Super-hero – GaGa

International Super-Spy – Quentin

Forensic DNA Profiler – Pepperoni

Master Mixologist – Bramble

Persuasive Private Eye – Pollo

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Alley

Home Design Hot-Shot – Mona

Master Romancer – Ida

Large family – Puddle

Jockey – Blackberry

One Sim Band – Drusilla

Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers – Ophelia

Alchemy Artisan – Wiggles

Vocal Legend – Leon Jackson

Master Magician – Bunnicula

Distinguished Director – Lestat

CEO – Metal Mickey

Street Credible – Fox

Rock Star – Count Duckula

Zombie Master – Dracula

Superstar Actor – Rosanna

Master Acrobat – Bathory

Perfect Student – SuperCasino

Major Master – Raggedy Man

Reach Max Influence with all Social Groups – 24HourSpar

Turn the Town – Falafel

Bot Builder – Tofu

High-Tech Collector – JD’s Nitescene

Seaside Saviour – Quorn

Greener Gardens – Cid

Resort Mogul – Tinder

Careers: 37

Music (Symphonic) – Abraham

Spa Specialist – Thomas

Grocery Store – Piranha

Journalism – Papergirl

Spa Receptionist – Koi

Bookseller – Eddie Kidd

Cookery – Evel Knievel

Mausoleum – Karate

Military – Wondermaid

Sports – Kodak

Medicine (Base Game version) – Javelin

Nectar – Inferno

Gardening – Beijing

Ghosthunting – Mozzy

Writing – Racheal

Painting – Cillit Bang

Science – Glenn

Inventing – Mr Muscle

Criminal (Evil) – Einstein

Medical (Ambitions) – Leia

Architecture – Mona

Police (spy) – Quentin

Police (forensic) – Pepperoni

Private eye – Pollo

Firefighter – GaGa

Sculpture – Puddle

Alchemy – Wiggles

Part time film – Rosanna

Singing – Leon Jackson

Band – Ophelia

Magician – Bunnicula

Film (direction) – Lestat

Music (Rock) – Count Duckula

Acrobat – Bathory

Film (acting) – Rosanna

Business – Metal Mickey

Bot building – Tofu

Lifeguard – Quorn

Skills: 24

Fishing – Thomas

Painting – Sindy

Gardening – Thomas

Cooking – Evel Knievel

Handiness – Repairlady

Athletic – Fuji

Martial Arts – Polaroid

Photography – Eddie Kidd

Logic – Adrian Mole

Adventuring – Discus/Karate

Writing – Racheal

Nectar – Inferno

Consignment – Mr Muscle

Inventing – Mr Muscle

Sculpting – Puddle

Keyboards – Drusilla

Drums – Drusilla

Bass – Drusilla (OK not ALL the challenges but they just don’t get tips of more than a few quid on anything but guitar so screw it).

Guitar – Ophelia

Charisma – Ophelia

Alchemy – Wiggles

Laser Rhythm-0-con – Count Duckula

Street Art – Fox

Bot Building – Tofu

Collecting: 3

Bugs – Piranha

Gems – Discus

Relics – Karate

LTH: 91

Abraham, Amaryllis, Sindy, Thomas x2, Papergirl, Eddie Kidd x2, Koi, Evel Knievel, Babysitter, Harry Houdini, Repairlady, Fuji x2, Polaroid x2, Adrian Mole x2, Gandalf, Karate x2, Discus x2, Gigglesx2, Kodak x2, Betty, Wondermaid, Javelin x2, Racheal x2, Beijing x2, Inferno, Blaze, Mozzy x2, J Cloth, Suki, Glenn, Brillo Pad, Cillit Bang x2, Mr Musclex2, Brady, Leia, Einstein, Quentin, GaGa, Pollo, Pepperoni, Monax2, Alley x2, Bramble x2, Puddle x2, Blackberry x2, Lola, Ida, Drusilla x2, Ophelia x2, Wiggles, Leon Jackson, Bunnicula, Count Duckula x2, Dracula, Lestat, Rosanna, Bathory x2, Metal Mickey x2, Raggedy Man, 24HourSpar, Quorn x2, Cid, Tinder, JD’s Nitescene x2, SnapChat

Service Sims: 9








Social Worker

Party Dancer

Portraits: 83

Amaryllis, Papergirl, Abraham, Magician, Thomas, Sindy, Piranha, Evel Knievel, Eddie Kidd, Harry Houdini, Koi, Babysitter, Repairlady, Fuji, Fireman Elvis, Kodak, Polaroid, Adrian Mole, Gandalf, Ming Si, Wondermaid, Discus, Betty, Karate, Giggles, Racheal, Javelin, Mozzy, Inferno, Blaze, Beijing, Mr Muscle, Brillo Pad, Cillit Bang, J Cloth, Suki, Timmy, Glenn, Brady, Leia, Einstein, Quentin, Pepperoni, Pollo, GaGa, Mona, Bramble, Alley, Puddle, Nadine, Lola, Ida, Blackberry, Leon Jackson, Bunnicula, Wiggles, Drusilla, Count Duckula, Abigail, Ruth Badger, Lestat, Bathory, Rosanna, Metal Mickey, Dracula, Quorn, Fox, Falafel, SuperCasino, 24HourSpar, JD’s Nitescene, Linda McCartney, PgsFromCeefax, Manisha, Ice Pop, Cid, Tofu, Tinder, Twitter, SnapChat, Boolprop, Fab, Calippo, Cornetto.

Unique Deaths: 10


Old Age






Fold-up bed


Jelly bean bush

Ghost babies 8



Orange (fire)

Grey (old mummy)

Beige (new mummy)

Red (Vampire)

Peach (fold-up bed)

Yellow (Electrocution)

Foreign sims in the bloodline 1


Bad things 3



Social Worker

Other stuff 10

Every meal made +2

Life fruit used

Playable ghosts used

Ambrosia used





Imaginary friends



‘Visit every lot’ points 23

Sunset Valley +3

Riverview +3

China +2

Twinbrook +3

Bridgeport +3

Legacy Island +3

Starlight Shores +3

University +3

Oasis Landing +3

Total: 386



  1. Wow, really impressive! Well done!

  2. WOW! That’s a lot of points!

    • That’s a lot of playing…! I did see your question about Elsa’s traits… Can’t remember offhand but I will make sure I get them into one of the next couple of chapters

  3. No worries, I was just curious. Mostly a wondering if she has Loves the Cold. XD

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