Meet the Family

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Generation 1


Amaryllis Daye: Founder

Traits: Childish, Green Thumb, Workaholic, Friendly, Bookworm

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Hot Dogs (eaten)

Lifetime Wish: Jack of all Trades (fulfilled)


Abraham Finkel

Traits: Neurotic, Mooch, Good Sense of Humour, Genius, Easily Impressed

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite food: Fruit Parfait (eaten)

Lifetime Wish: Hit Movie Composer (fulfilled)

Generation 2


Sindy Daye

Traits: Daredevil, Artistic, Friendly, Virtuoso, Perfectionist

Fave food: Stu surprise (eaten)

Fave colour: Blue

LTW: Master of the Arts (fulfilled)


Thomas Daye
Traits: Artistic, Loves the Outdoors, Angler, Athletic, Green Thumb

Fave food: Key Lime Pie (eaten)

Fave colour: Violet

LTW: Perfect Aquarium (fulfilled)


Kimberley Waugh Daye (Papergirl) (Wife of Thomas Daye)

Traits: Hot-headed, artistic, unlucky, excitable, light sleeper

Fave colour: Lime green

Fave food: Grilled salmon (eaten)

LTW: Star News Anchor (fulfilled)Screenshot-184

Frederick Parsons (Magician) (Husband of Sindy Daye)

Traits: Charismatic, Good Sense of Humour, Flirty

Fave food: Stu surprise (eaten)

Fave colour: Violet

LTW: Heartbreaker (fulfilled)

Generation 3

Piranha Daye (Thomas and Kimberley’s daughter)

Traits: Couch Potato, Snob, Slob, Lucky, Friendly

Fave food: Tri-tip steak (eaten)

Fave colour: Purple

LTW: Swimming in Cash (fulfilled)

Evel Knievel Daye (daughter of Sindy Daye and Frederick Parsons)

Traits: Natural Cook, Vegetarian, Workaholic, Excitable, Easily Impressed

Fave food: Fruit Parfait (eaten)

Fave colour: Orange

LTW: Five-Star Chef (fulfilled)

Eddie Kidd Daye (son of Sindy Daye and Frederick Parsons’ ghost) – heir

Traits: Photographer’s Eye, Green Thumb, Heavy Sleeper, Family-Oriented, Genius

Fave food: Mac and Cheese (eaten)

Fave colour: Turquoise

LTW: Photography collection (fulfilled)

Harry Houdini Daye (son of Sindy Daye and Frederick Parsons’ ghost)

Traits: Light Sleeper, Artistic, Bookworm, Great Kisser, Hates the Outdoors

Fave food: Key lime pie (eaten)

Fave colour: Yellow

LTW: Illustrious Author (fulfilled)

Hilda Mooney Daye (Babysitter) (Wife of Eddie Kidd Daye)

Traits: Family-Oriented/Evil, Charismatic/Couch Potato, Frugal, Loner, Flirty

Fave food: Fruit Parfait (eaten)

Fave colour: Hot Pink

LTW: Golddigger (fulfilled)

Koi Daye (daughter of Thomas and Kimberley Daye)

Traits: Friendly, Clumsy, Party Animal, Childish, Can’t Stand Art

Fave food: Key lime pie (eaten)

Fave colour: Black

LTW: Super-Popular (fulfilled)

Meghan Quigley Daye (Repairlady) (Partner of Harry Houdini Daye)

Traits: Handy, Green Thumb, Grumpy, Snob, Bookworm

Fave food: Dim Sum (eaten)

Fave colour: Green

LTW: The Tinkerer (fulfilled)

Generation 4

Fuji Daye (daughter of Eddie Kidd Daye and Hilda Mooney Daye; heir)

Traits: Athletic, Disciplined, Slob, Loves the Outdoors, Workaholic

LTW: Physical Perfection (fulfilled)

Favourite colour: Hot pink

Favourite food: Grilled Cheese (eaten)

Adrian Mole Daye (son of Harry Houdini Daye and Meghan Quigley Daye)

Traits: Genius, Athletic, Mean-Spirited, Hydrophobic, No Sense of Humour

LTW: Chess Legend (fulfilled)

Favourite Colour: Orange

Favourite food: Cheesesteak (eaten)

Kodak Daye (daughter of Eddie Kidd Daye and Hilda Mooney Daye’s ghost)

Traits: Athletic, Good Sense of Humour, Flirty, Commitment Issues, Heavy Sleeper

LTW: Superstar Athlete

Favourite colour: Lilac

Favourite food: Ratatouille (eaten)

Polaroid Daye (daughter of Eddie Kidd Daye and Hilda Mooney Daye’s ghost)

Traits: Disciplined, Athletic, Unflirty, Friendly, Perfectionist

LTW: Martial Arts Master (fulfilled)

Favourite colour: White

Favourite food: Cheesesteak (eaten)

Gandalf Daye (son of Harry Houdini Daye and Meghan Quigley Daye)

Traits: Athletic, Genius, Heavy Sleeper, Never Nude, Grumpy

LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (fulfilled)

Favourite colour: Irish Green

Favourite food: Cookies (eaten)

Elvis Skidmore Daye (Fireman) (Husband of Fuji Daye)

Traits: Lucky/Loser, Handy/Green Thumb, Brave/Slob, Clumsy, Grumpy

LTW: Creature Robot Cross-Breeder (unfulfilled)

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite food: Goopy Carbonara (eaten)

Harold Lansing Daye (Wondermaid) (Husband of Fuji Daye)

Traits: Neat, Flirty, Charismatic, Brave

LTW: Astronaut

Favourite colour: Hot pink

Favourite food: Key Lime Pie (eaten)

Generation 5

Discus Daye (son of Fuji Daye and Elvis Skidmore Daye)

Traits: Adventurous, Over-Emotional, Loves the Outdoors, Disciplined, Party Animal. Pyromaniac

LTW: Seasoned Traveller (fulfilled)

Favourites: Falafel (eaten), purple

Betty Simovitch Daye (Wife of Discus Daye)

Traits: Unflirty, Good, Artistic, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humour

LTW: Visionary (fulfilled)

Favourites: Cookies (eaten), pink

Karate Daye (Son of Polaroid Daye and Ming Si Kim)

Traits: Adventurous, Disciplined, Brave, Handy, Loves the Outdoors

LTW: Great Explorer (fulfilled)

Favourites: Crepes (eaten), Violet

Giggles Daye (daughter of Kodak Daye and Ming Si Kim)

Traits: Artistic, Adventurous, Photographer’s Eye,  Snob, Lucky/Slob

LTW: Private Museum (fulfilled); Living in the Lap of Luxury (fulfilled)

Favourites: Frogs’ legs (eaten), Sea Foam

Racheal Madden Daye (Wife of Giggles Daye)

Traits: Bookworm, neat, photographer’s eye, brave, unflirty

LTW: Professional author (fulfilled)

Favourites: Spice brown, sushi (eaten)

Javelin Daye (son of Fuji Daye and Harold Lansing Daye; heir)

Traits: Ambitious, Genius, Absent-Minded, Workaholic, Frugal, Makes no messes

LTW: World-class surgeon (fulfilled)

Favourites: Dim Sum, changed to hot dogs (eaten), spiceberry

Mozzy Weller Daye (Pizza Lady) (wife of Javelin Daye)

Traits: Eccentric, Perceptive, Handy, Neurotic, Natural Cook

LTW: Paranormal Profiteer (fulfilled)

Favourites: Sushi (eaten), purple

Generation 6

Beijing Daye (adopted daughter of Giggles Daye and Racheal Madden Daye)

Traits: Green Thumb, Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Easily Impressed, Hot-Headed

Favourites: Grilled cheese (eaten), Grey

LTW: Perfect Garden (fulfilled)

Blaze Daye (daughter of Discus Daye’s ghost and Betty Simovitch Daye)

Traits: Neurotic, Snob, Loner, Eco-Friendly, Workaholic

Favourites: Orange, Waffles (eaten)

LTW: Bottomless Nectar Cellar (fulfilled)

Inferno Daye (daughter of Discus Daye’s ghost and Betty Simovitch Daye)

Traits: Snob, Neurotic, Frugal, Insane, Loves the Outdoors

Favourites: Green, Cookies (eaten)

LTW: Bottomless nectar cellar (fulfilled)

Mr Muscle Daye (son of Javelin Daye and Mozzy Weller Daye, heir)

Traits: Eccentric, Hot-headed, Genius, Handy, Inappropriate, Pizza Appreciator (hidden), Makes no Messes (hidden)

Favourites: Aqua, Grilled cheese (eaten)

LTW: Monster Maker (fulfilled)

Brillo Pad Daye (daughter of Javelin Daye and Mozzy Weller Daye, heir)

Traits: Athletic, Perceptive, Kleptomaniac, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Pizza Appreciator (hidden), Makes no Messes (hidden)

Favourites: Spiceberry, pancakes (eaten)

LTW: Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law (fulfilled)

Cillit Bang Daye (daughter of Javelin Daye and Mozzy Weller Daye)

Traits: Eccentric, Artistic, Savvy Sculptor, Technophobe, Friendly, Pizza Appreciator (hidden), Makes no Messes (hidden)

Favourites: Orange, hamburgers (eaten)

LTW: Descendant of Da Vinci (fulfilled)

J Cloth Daye (daughter of Javelin Daye and Mozzy Weller Daye)

Traits: Perceptive, Eccentric, Schmoozer, Good, Pizza Appreciator (hidden), Makes no Messes (hidden), Dramatic

Favourites: Black, Grilled Cheese (eaten)

LTW: Fashion Phenomenon (fulfilled)

Glenn Daye (Beijing Daye’s best friend)

Traits: Brave, Handy, Eccentric, Good Sense of humour, Hydrophobic

Favourites: Orange, Trip-Tip Steak (changed to pancakes, eaten)

LTW: Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder (fulfilled)

Suki Bloo Daye – wife of Mr Muscle Daye

Traits: Loner, Dislikes Children, Genius, Can’t Stand Art, Neurotic

Favourites: Yellow (changed from purple), cookies (eaten)

LTW: Renaissance Sim (changed from creature-robot cross-breeder) (fulfilled)

Generation 7

Brady Daye (Mr Muscle’s best friend)

Traits: Natural cook, couch potato, handy, brave, hydrophobic (swapped for bookworm)

Favourites: Aqua, cobbler (eaten)

LTW: Culinary librarian (fulfilled)

Leia Daye (Daughter of Mr Muscle Daye)

Traits: Hydrophobic, Frugal, Brave, Party Animal, Handy,

Favourites: Aqua, lobster thermidor – changed to sushi (eaten)

LTW: World-renowned surgeon (fulfilled)

Einstein Daye (Son of Mr Muscle Daye and Suki Bloo Daye)

Traits: Evil, Genius, Athletic, Schmoozer, Dislikes Children

Favourites: Grey, pancakes (eaten)

LTW: Emperor of Evil (fulfilled)

Pollo Daye (son of Brillo Pad Daye and Timmy deBleu’s ghost)

Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Perceptive, Coward, Disciplined

Favourites: Hot pink, hamburgers (eaten)

LTW: Persuasive Private Eye (fulfilled)

GaGa Daye (Daughter of Mr Muscle Daye and Suki Daye)

Traits: Athletic, brave, handy, daredevil, hopeless romantic

Favourites: Aqua, crepes – changed to pancakes (eaten)

LTW: Firefighter superhero (fulfilled)

Pepperoni Daye (son of Brillo Pad Daye and Timmy de Bleu’s ghost, heir)

Traits: Athletic, genius, loves the outdoors, brave

Favourites: Seafoam, crepes – changed to waffles (eaten)

LTW: Forensic Analyst (fulfilled)

Quentin Daye (son of Mr Muscle Daye)

Traits: Good, Commitment Issues, Hydorophobic, Brave, Friendly

Favourites: Spice brown, Stu surprise (eaten)

LTW: International Super Spy (fulfilled)

Mona Arce Daye  (Social Worker) (wife of Pepperoni Daye)

Traits: Neat, perfectionist, party animal

Favourites: Spiceberry, stu surprise (eaten)

LTW: Home design hot-shot

Scumbag Daye (adopted daughter of Einstein Daye)

(Taken by social worker as an infant and lived in the spares’ home)

Generation 8

Bramble Daye (daughter of Mona Arce Daye and Pepperoni Daye’s ghost)

Traits: Brave, Hot-headed, Handy, Artistic, Excitable

Favourites: Black, Lobster Thermidor (eaten)

LTW: Master Mixologist (fulfilled)

Alley Daye (time machine daughter of Pepperoni Daye)

Traits: Workaholic, Over-emotional, Star quality, Lucky, Party animal

Favourites: Purple, shawarma (changed to waffles, eaten)

LTW: Lifestyles of the rich and famous (completed)

Puddle Daye (son of Mona Arce Daye as a vampire and Pepperoni Daye’s ghost; heir)

Traits: Family-oriented, Excitable, Artistic, Shy, Vampire (hidden)

Favourites: Green, plasma juice (drunk)

LTW: Surrounded by family (completed)

Lola Belle Daye (wife of Alley Daye)

Traits: Loner, Technophobe, Virtuoso, Artistic, Ambitious, Vampire (hidden)

Favourites: White, plasma juice (drunk)

LTW: Rock star, changed to Zoologist (fulfilled)

Nadine Daye (daughter of Scumbag and Brady Daye, wife of Puddle Daye)

Traits: friendly, family-oriented, genius, clumsy, virtuoso, simbot

LTW: Golden tongue and golden fingers (unfulfilled)

Favourites: Lilac and unknown (would not eat)

Ida Dunnit Daye (wife of Puddle Daye)

Traits: Flirty, Schmoozer, Great Kisser, Genuis, Party Animal

LTW: Master Romancer (fulfilled)

Favourites: Orange, Stiry-fry (eaten)

Ophelia Moves Daye (wife of Puddle Daye)

Traits: Flirty, Absent-Minded, Party Animal, Schmoozer, Athleric

LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers (fulfilled)

Favourites: Turquoise, Goopy Carbonara (Eaten)

Generation 9

Blackberry Daye (clone daughter of Bramble Daye)

Traits: Eco-friendly, can’t stand art, brave, clumsy, handy

Favourites: Black, lobster thermidor (eaten)

LTW: Jockey (completed)

Ecover Daye (horse)

Traits: Agile, untrained, clueless

Ruth Badger Daye (dog)

Traits: Playful, Non-Destructive, Genius, Adventurous, Hunter

Leon Jackson Daye (son of Alley and Lola Daye)

Traits: Diva, Natural Born Performer, Easily Impressed, Hopeless Romantic, Excitable

LTW: Vocal Legend (fulfilled)

Favourites: lime green, hamburger (eaten)

Bunnicula Daye (daughter of Puddle and Nadine Daye)

Traits: Athletic, Over-Emotional, Rebellious, Virtuoso, Adventurous

LTW: Master Magician (fulfilled)

Favourites: Turquoise, falafel (eaten)

Wiggles Daye (Bunnicula Daye’s imaginary friend and wife)

Traits: Eccentric, Good, Savvy Sculptor, Hydrophobic, Light Sleeper

LTW: Alchemy Artisan (fulfilled)

Favourites: Turquoise, veggie rolls (Eaten)


Drusilla Daye (daughter of Puddle Daye and Lola Belle)

Traits: Star Quality, Heavy Sleeper, Couch Potato, Party Animal, Virtuoso

LTW: One sim band (fulfilled)

Favourites: Yellow, plasma juice/dim sum (drunk/eaten)


Count Duckula Daye (son of Puddle Daye and Lola Belle)

Traits: Workaholic, Vegetarian, Virtuoso, Couch Potato, Light Sleeper

LTW: Rock Star (fulfilled)

Favourites: Lilac, plasma juice (drunk)


Abigail Daye (wife of Count Duckula Daye)

Traits: Over-emotional, Vehicle Enthusiast, Natural Cook, Dislikes Children, Athletic

LTW: Celebrity Psychic

Favourites: Grey, Tri-tip steak (eaten)

Rosanna Daye

Traits: Supernatural Fan, Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Heat, Loves the Cold, Excitable

LTW: Superstar Actor (fulfilled)

Favourites: Irish green, salmon (eaten)


Lestat Daye

Traits: Avant-garde, Rebellious, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso, Athletic

LTW: Distinguished Director (fulfilled)

Favourites: Lilac, plasma juice (drunk)

Bathory Daye (heir)

Traits: Night Owl, Genuis, Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Heat, Loves the Cold

LTW: Master Acrobat (fulfilled)

Favourites: Grey, Key Lime Pie (eaten)


Dracula Daye

Traits: Clumsy, Hates the Outdoors, Loser, Never Nude, Artistic, Mooch, Angler

LTW: Zombie Master (fulfilled)

Favourites: Green, Sushi (eaten)


Rudiger Daye (child of Puddle and Ophelia Daye)

Traits: Supernatural fan, Disciplined, Excitable, Virtuoso, Dislikes children

LTW: Master of mysticism

Favourites: Spice brown, veggie rolls

Generation 10

Silverstone Daye (son of Ecover Daye)

Metal Mickey Daye (son of Bunnicula and Wiggles Daye)

Traits: Ambitious, Athletic, Supernatural Fan, Workaholic, Friendly, Brave

LTW: CEO (fulfilled)

Favourites: Irish green, scrap/plasma juice (eaten)


Quorn Daye (son of Count Duckula and Abigail Daye)

Traits: Loves to swim, Sailor, Loves the cold, Loves the heat, Athletic

LTW: Seaside Saviour (fulfilled)

Favourites: Spice Brown,

SuperCasino Daye (daughter of Bathory and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Vegetarian, Eco-friendly, heavy sleeper, artistic, friendly

LTW: Perfect student (fulfilled)

Favourites: Red, grilled salmon


24HourSpar Daye (daughter of Bathory and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Supernatural fan, Social butterfly, Loves the outdoors, Excitable, Artistic

LTW: Reach maximum influence with all social groups (fulfilled)

Favourites: Purple, firecracker shrimp


Tofu Daye (son of Count Duckula and Abigail Daye)

Traits: Bot fan, Hot-headed, Loves the Heat, Virtuoso, Artistic

LTW: More than a machine (fulfilled)

Favourites: Spice brown, plasma juice (drunk)


PgsFromCeefax Daye (son of Bathory and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Brave, Neat, Excitable, Loves the cold, Bot fan

LTW: Scientific specialist

Favourites: Black, veggie fish and chips


JD’s Nitescene Daye (son of Bathory and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Excitable, Irresistible, Athletic, Artistic, Snob

LTW: High Tech Collector

Favourites: Violet, hot dogs


Linda McCartney Daye (daughter of Count Duckula and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Adventurous, Star quality, Artistic, Easily Impressed, Lucky

LTW: Blog artist

Favourites: Purple, mushroom omelette


Falafel Daye (son of Count Duckula and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Vegetarian, Perceptive, Clumsy, Virtuoso, Loves the Outdoors

LTW: Turn the Town (fulfilled)

Favourites: Red, plasma juice (drunk)


Ice Pop Daye (son of Rosanna Daye and Dracula Daye)

Traits: Loves the cold, Artistic, Light Sleeper, Dislikes Children, Computer Whizz

LTW: Deep Sea Diver

Favourites: Irish Green, Aloo Masala


Manisha Kapoor Daye (wife of PgsFromCeefax Daye)
Traits: Great Kisser, Savvy Sculptor, Vegetarian, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Light Sleeper
LTW: Leader of the Pack
Favourites: Autumn salad (eaten), Spiceberry


Cid Serverus Daye (husband of 24HourSpar Daye)

Traits: Avant Garde, Loner, Handy, Hot headed, Artistic

Favourites: Turquoise, Veggie Burger

LTW: Greener Gardens (fulfilled)


Fab Daye (Family Plumbot)


Calippo Daye and Cornetto Daye (Family Plumbots)

Generation 11

Fox Daye (daughter of Metal Mickey Daye and the Grim Reaper)

Traits: Virtuoso, Artistic, Avant Garde, Star Quality, Charismatic, Unstable

LTW: Street Credible (completed)

Favourites: Pink,


Raggedy Man Daye (son of Metal Mickey and Abigail Daye)

Traits: Bot fan, Heavy sleeper, Excitable, Hopeless Romantic, Friendly

LTW: Major Master (completed)

Favourites: Red, shawarma (eaten)


Twitter Daye (son of 24HourSpar Daye and Cid Serverus Daye)

Traits: Loves the heat, loves the outdoors, sailor, brave, perfectionist

LTW: Pet Rescuer

Favourites: Orange, stu surprise


Tinder Daye (daughter of 24HourSpar Daye and Cid Serverus Daye)

Traits: Sailor, easily impressed, supernatural skeptic, hyrdophobic, sailor

LTW: Resort Empire (fulfilled)

Favourites: Orange


Boolprop Daye (son of 24HourSpar Daye and Cid Serverus Daye)

Traits: Bot fan, Animal Lover, Slob, Excitable, Friendly

LTW: Magic Makeover

Favourites: Yellow, carbonara


SnapChat Daye (sdaughter of 24HourSpar Daye and Cid Serverus Daye)

Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Cold, Childish, Loves to Swin, Genius

LTW: Grand Explorer

Favourites: Turquoise




  1. I can’t wait to see a Daye mummy. 😉

    Also, I miss Piranha. She was my favorite so far.

    • Unless EA went incredibly nuts with their removals policy, she’s on my EA page.

      I’m looking forward to mummies too. Gen 5 will be going for that, hopefully, if I can get a few more babies for that gen… and hopefully some dispensable spouses.

  2. The fact that your co-founder was Abraham Finkle makes me giggle, because on my unofficial, unblogged legacy, he’s become the family’s personal vampire paparazzi stalker. So far, he stalked my second-gen heir to the hospital when she had her first baby, stood outside her brother’s workplace waiting for him to come out, stood and photographed them all crying when the female founder died and stood and stared when the three second-gen couples were skinny-dipping together. 😉

    • Haha, that’s funny. He becomes a pap in a lot of people’s games I think.

      • Yep, it’s really annoying. He just walks in my house and takes pictures when people are Woohooing and bathing and stuff like that. Its really disturbing… Hello! Privacy, people! 😀
        He’s one of the 2 stalker papperazi my Legacy family has. The other is this overweight girl who sort of looks like Tamara O’Donnor. Hmmm

      • Your paps sound like fun!

  3. I love this story, because you try out all the things I’ve always been a little afraid to 😛

    Would you mind telling me where you got that side curly ponytail Beijing has?
    Thanks so much :*

    • I’m not sure but I would hazard a guess at Anubis…

  4. When will you add Blackberry? Where is Einsteins Daughter?

    • I add them when they turn YA. Scumbag isn’t an official member of the family, I don’t know her traits/LTW etc, though I can add her anyway.

  5. Sorry, not Einstein, Pollo.

    • No, she’s Einstein’s daughter, you were right first time.

  6. weird ghosts

    • Weird but awesome.

  7. Where did you find Bramble’s hair?

    • Not sure, I suspect Anubis but he has so many hairs now I couldn’t find it in a quick look – if you have time and patience I suspect that’ll be where it is though.

  8. Hi! I’ve nominated the Dayes for the Liebster Award! ^_^

    Thanks for the hilarious yet informative legacy so far!

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