Posted by: Rad | May 4, 2014

Sometimes you win

For once, this family actually has a few things to celebrate.  We begin with Dracula, who is 8/10 on his LTW...

For once, this family actually has a few things to celebrate. We begin with Dracula, who is 8/10 on his LTW…

Make that 9…

O hai Puddle

This will only hurt a little..


But it didn’t trigger the LTW. Dumb game.

Come on Ro, be a pal and help out…


‘I hate being in this family.’

And with that, Count Duckula’s LTW was completed…

… swiftly followed by Count Duckula becoming a rock star.

Bathory is also close so I had her spam all the night owl interactions.


…it went quite well.

But Quorn is always a source of great fail, isn’t he?

Well, actually, he just saved his first life! We thank you, random pensioners in future suits, the only people who ever swim at that beach.

Of course, some things are still weird. Like the fact Fox has asked her dad out twice on dates now.

And that even though the game recognises her as his daughter, he had romantic interactions.

Which she then rebuffed. Metal Mickey does seem to have a weird romantic effect on his relatives – he does seem to be the centre of all potential incest. I guess maybe something about his multi-hybrid nature makes him alluring.

Now we’ve got that toy maker working again, Falafel’s trying to make the set – except most things are still in his inventory at the moment.

After she crashed the game last time she came home, SuperCasino finally came home successfully from the Peace and Love school. She wants to get a perfect score at uni and has a partial scholarship due to her art skills.

And as she’s waiting for the others to come home before jetting off, I had her make snowmen with her granddad. (Actually, I did try and send them both to uni but it crashed again – I think Puddle just isn’t going to work with it, so I gave up on sending him)

‘Oh hello there Rad, you come to make fun of me again?’

Why would I ever do that, Bathory?

Aww look, she did it. I am so proud.

And in front of an audience that was basically all Dayes, naturally.

Falafel aged up and I discovered his favourite colour was red, which I possibly should have known, but had forgotten. He’s also a vampire as well as being an IF and his LTW is Turn the Town.

Linda McCartney also aged up and was given the blog artist LTW.

I say aged up, but she spends every spare moment in the sandpit, despite it being cold and presumably giving her a wet bum, and despite her not being childish.

24HourSpar wants to be popular with all social groups (the longest named LTW ever? I think it’s something like Achieve Maximum Popularity with all social groups’ when really it should be called something snappier) and Raggedy Man wants to do three degrees (insert a Prince Charles joke here).

Because they’re all thick, none of them got scholarships for uni.

‘OMG can I make babies now?’ When you move, yes, dear. In case you had forgotten – which is easy – Raggedy Man is actually Gen 11 as he’s Metal Mickey’s son (it gets very confusing remembering who’s who as all the YAs were basically either Abigail or Dracula’s kid) and he’s going to carry on the hybrid legacy strand, so he’s ineligible for the Gen 10 heir vote but will be reproducing anyway.

I got the kids on their LTWs pronto, in the hope they might not hang around as long as the previous gen have done.

Bless Fox for being the lone supporter of 24HourSpar’s protest.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with Ice Pop so she can just hang out at the winter fair while I think about it.

At least she made us our first alien snowman.

She also got to be prom queen despite rarely getting to school since STUPID GENERATIONS BROKE EVERYTHING WITH SCOLDING. (I will never be over that)

In fact, most of them can, because I’m trying like mad to get Rosanna out of the house.

Despite being friends, the kids won’t let Falafel drink them. Spoilsports.

JD’s Nitescene whined about wanting to come home early from Peace and Love school, so I let him. A moment later, PgsFromCeefax graduated from military school. I hate you JD.

I gave him the use advanced tech LTW which seems remarkably easy – own a bunch of stuff from ITF that you can actually buy from the catalogue and use it (using it will help you skill in the advanced tech skill – I had to look that up as I had no idea what that skill was). Gain Level 10 and you win. Seems like an easy way to get him out of the house quick. I mean, none of you are making him heir, right?

Although I had him dream of family just in case.

His dream was going south and the Zs went red so I had to intervene and make them blue. I think I might have fun playing with these future items.

He also has a kind of hologram tamagotchi to play with, which is a bit meta given the Sims aren’t that far from Tamagotchi themselves.

For the curious, this is what he looks like sans visor.

The stasis pod is a new thing. It seems to just, er, put them in stasis. Bit dull.

My little emo boy PgsFromCeefax has purple chest hair, which he aged up with but I figured we’d keep. He wants to do the science skill-based LTW.

He will spend most of his life as a bot.

Just like uncle Raggedy Man. This won’t get confusing. Honest. (OK, I think I’m going to have to remember he needs to be both an imaginary friend AND a bot to make sure). Also, not to influence your vote or anything, but I have never had a black house, AND he is both an imaginary friend and a bot. COME ON.

I discovered Raggedy man can do his genie thing in bot form. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

One of the things I hate about the various EPs is that sims will miss work for any little tiny reason – someone in the family comes home, snow day, festival day, baby, wedding, they got a promotion, the game just felt like it. So I’ve been having to use Master Controller to force them to work otherwise I swear they never would. Still, it’s paying off, as Rosanna got her first acting award.

Followed not long after by her second…

…which came hot on the heels of this.

She got a free trailer

And made a mess in it.

And I then chucked her and Bathory out so we could start a new life in Moonlight Falls. Goodbye girls, I will miss you!

Well, we tried to move by saving the house to the library but the game kept saying no because someone was dying. NO-ONE WAS DYING. Then we tried to move with the phone and got this. GAH.

I know, Abigail, I know. But we un-botted and un-IFed everyone, reset the whole lot, tried again and eventually it worked.

Welcome to Moonlit Falls!

We finally got the ghost boys back from private school, but their schooling was rubbish and they came back as kids so we had to just age them up and deal with the traits. Rudiger remains fairly gender-neutral in their choice of hair and still has no gender sign. Their LTW is to do the master of mysticism – the other fortune teller branch to Abigail. Their traits are: supernatural fan, disciplined, excitable, virtuoso and dislikes children. In case you’d forgotten, Rudiger is Gen 9, so as the rest of their gen goes (except Abigail), they finally get to do something. Except be heir – ineligible as they already lost in the Gen 9 poll.

Someone who is eligible is Tofu. His LTW is the making plumbots one unless the plumbots are still super-glitchy ib which case it will be, er, something else. His traits are hot-headed, loves the heat, virtuoso, artistic and bot lover. I was a bit bored of red ghosties…

… but then I discovered he could do this. ❤ ❤

But all of that needs to wait until we have an heir, at which point they can get a house rebuilt in the heir’s favourite colour (*crosses fingers and prays against another shade of purple*). And whilst we wait for you to vote, we’ve got a mission to do.

The last time I attempted this it was not fun. But I’ve managed 16 sims in a household since then, so it’ll be a doddle, right?.

Join us next time to see how we get on! In the meantime, with both Count Duckula and Bathory having left, this legacy is heirless, and we can’t let that happen. Submit your vote by Sunday May 11 here or at Boolprop and use your vote wisely… also, if it affects your vote in any way, then the imaginary friends are 24HourSpar, Linda McCartney, Falafel and PgsFromCeefax.

Quorn: favourite colour=spice brown. Child naming trait = loves to swim

SuperCasino: favourite colour = red. Child naming trait = eco-friendly

Tofu: favourite colour=spice brown. Child naming trait = loves the heat

PgsFromCeefax: favourite colour=black. Child naming trait = loves the cold

Linda McCartney: favourite colour=purple. Child naming trait = adventurous

JD’s Nitescene: favourite colour=violet. Child naming trait = artistic

24HourSpar: favourite colour=purple. Child naming trait = social butterfly

Falafel: favourite colour=red. Child naming trait = clumsy



  1. Quorn all the way. Purely because I love the lifeguard career, because I’ve never had a Sim in it. Plus all the IF’s and other supernatural states bug me. It will be nice to have a bit of normal about.

    • Quorn would be ok. I could live with a brown house. Just no more purple!!

  2. There are so many I like! But I voted! (I won’t tell who…)

    • They are all great… but hopefully they will also be easier to kick out than the last bunch!

  3. Wow ice actually caught up! I’ve been reading for weeks since your first Dayes post 🙂

    • Noted 🙂

  4. The poll is still open, btw – it’s giving me the option to vote. Which I know I can’t, but if I could, I’d vote Tofu. Ghost IF FTW! But Raggedy Man is my favourite, he’s brilliant.

    • It is? Oops!

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