Posted by: Rad | April 26, 2014

What does the Fox spray?



  1. Ha, I love the title, it’s perfectly fitting. I really like Fox’s outfit, she’s adorable. How is Dracula’s LTW going? It sounds exhausting. But the Zombie Imagery IS pretty spectacular. I love that you can turn a ghost into a zombie!
    OH man, I laughed out loud at your lifeguard troubles. Only a couple worlds are compatible with the lifeguard thing. I learned that trying to have one in Lucky Palms.
    Oh Bathory, always good for a chuckle.
    I can’t wait for the next post! 🙂

    • Next one won’t be too long – hopefully no more than a couple of weeks – plenty going on now and the teens are only a couple of days away from coming home and a new heir poll. I have a major deadline in early May but should have some more free time after that.

      Ghost zombies are cool, just wish they made ghost zombie babies. Drac is 8/10 as of this update.

      I did wonder about that lifeguard thing. Stupid EA. I have a plan up my sleeve though…

  2. This was one of the first legacy stories I read, and I have very much enjoyed going through all the EP content with the Dayes. Your story helped me figure out which EPs I wanted, since I can’t afford to buy them all. The Dayes have had so much fun with the supernaturals, I think that will be my next one, once I’m done figuring out Pets.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have so many sims in the house, and trying to get them all to do useful things! I find it hard enough doing two careers at a time along with raising the kids. And I love the naming themes you use, great idea to use the traits of the heir.

    • Oh it is a PAIN. I swear next gen will have fewer kids. I said that about this gen, but I, er, mean it this time. Yeah, we’re going full on uni and supernatural next which leaves us bits of pets, island paradise and future…

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