Posted by: Rad | January 25, 2014

In which I want to kill Dracula all over again



  1. This was great fun! I’m still learning so much. And yes, I would’ve cheated falafel too. I lol’d at ” stupid babies everywhere”.

    • I’m not giving myself a point for it though. I’ll try and get a ghost baby out of him before I kick him out (when everyone votes PgsFromCeefax as heir as I hope they will). I think Falafel has a shade of purple as a favourite colour too, which makes it four of the heir candidates liking it 😦

  2. Woah! So. many. sims! You’re pretty hardcore yourself, you know that? I’d go barking mad!
    Quorn lifeguarding in the snow made me laugh. Plus the crazy lady with the flower wreath. XD
    Love the update! Thank you!

    • This was supposed to be the small generation, just two or three kids. Not exactly how it’s working out…. Quorn is Hard.Core.

  3. Very entertaining chapter. For us as readers anyway! I’m sure that it was irritating as heck for you playing it! 🙂
    PgsFromCeefax is a fab name! I may name a sim Bamboozle in tribute (my personal fave teletext page ever, back in the day!)
    Seriously not giving you ghost pages. Shame on you, Dracula. *shakes head*

    • That is a lot of babies to have with a 0 hit rate >< Mind you, the Dayes are nothing compared to the Knights in terms of annoying play.

    • Oh and YES name a sim Bamboozle. Please!

  4. Rad, it’s official, you’re absolutely bonkers, but we love you for it. And I’m loving the eighties references. The Living in a Box one (can’t remember which blog, I’ve read so much of you) had me singing all day. I had the hugest crush on the lead singer… *gives Rad a box of Milk Tray for all her hard work*

    • Ha, yeah, that was a Knight cat I do believe.

      I’m a living in a cardboard box… there you go, ear worm for you again!

      • The sad thing is that if you play their album I can still sing every single word to every single song on it. I proved it to myself the other day, despite the fact I haven’t heard it for about 20 years. My kids think I’m nuts! 😀

      • Rad approves of this comment.

  5. Hi Rad. I’ve been lurking for a while, but since I got my wordpress account I can finally leave good comments. Your Kyoti legacy was awesome, and your Daye legacy is truly showing everything the sims 3 has to offer.

    • Aww, thanks! Hopefully a new chapter fairly soon…

  6. Lol, even the non-family-oriented sims want to get in on the baby action! Sometime I think they like the “try for baby” part more than the actual baby 😉

    I have never tried clicking on “need fun” icon, I shall have to try that!

    • Woohoo is my sims’ default for need fun, the randy so-and-sos.

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