Posted by: Rad | January 9, 2014




  1. Seeing Raggady Man with River Song made me realize once again how sad I am, both for the end of the series and the wait for the new one. Great Post though, missed these Dayes.

    • I know. I wasn’t ready for Matt Smith to go 😦 (but yay for Capaldi)

  2. If you go into build/buy (I’m on a Sims 2 kick right now, so I can’t remember where offhand) there is a pedestal you can buy. You can buy and sell your Plumbots through that including the ones you make.

    Great update!

    • Oh! Thank you so much!

      • You’re welcome! I think it might be in with the storage items. I just sort by ITF and go through each one until I find it. It hides really good.

  3. I’d forgotten you had three Sims doing professions at the same time. Brave girl.
    On Doctor Who I want Matt Smith back too. He was finallly getting really good as Amy and Rory dragged him down and now we’re getting a new one. Not amused.

    • Yeah… more foolish than brave I think!

  4. Yay! I love the Dayes!

    • 🙂

      Half way through writing the next update too 🙂

  5. I knew there was a reason I kept putting off Showtime and Late Night. Watching the Dayes struggle with their ridiculously hard professions helps me remember. But I do enjoy watching them, as hard as it would be to actually play.

    • Showtime is more fun than Late Night (the band thing seems so broken) but avoid simporting as I never got that working.

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