Posted by: Rad | November 16, 2012

Supernatural High

I have to confess – it’s been so long since I played some of the shots in this chapter that I’ve probably forgotten what I was even doing.

Bad simmer, I know.

Anyway, we had the family drink some of the potions.

Pretty sure this is illustrating Bunnicula trying to be handy after drinking a skill gain one or something… But my total lack of memory means I’m going to have to do this again with paper and pens handy (I do actually use print screen in FRAPS but, you know, it turns them into bitmaps and… life’s far too short for fiddling with that kind of thing).

I DO know that this is Wiggles drinking a ghost potion though. We then impregnated her (can’t take the risk of Bunnicula getting preggers in case the game blows up) for the next generation of the super-hybrid strain of the legacy to see if the ghost thing might also carry through.

White chocolate fountain! Tasty!

Leon Jackson’s singing career is…

…so far about as successful as his namesake’s.

‘There can be miraclessh whan yuw beweeeve’

On the subject of miracles, Blackberry has completed her LTW and we’re trying to get the racing skill challenges done.

Count Duckula has a girlfriend! I’ll let him keep her whether or not he ends up being the heir. She can always be supernatural-ified or something.

‘Another drink? Bet you’ve forgotten what this one does as well’.

One of them gave you this moodlet. Maybe wasn’t that one though.

Anyway, propose to your baby mamma. It’ll make you happier.

Prom time!

No awards were won though 😦

And with a Gen 10 baby on the way, it’s high time for the final (spouses excepted) member of Gen 9! This is Rudiger. Like his siblings, I remember precisely nothing about him – but I’ll make a note of it all when the important time comes (i.e. heir voting time).

Ever the responsible father, Puddle is gambling his kids’ inheritance away.

(I so have to put that thing in the family inventory)

Speaking of the kids – birthday times! Lestat…

…is adorable. In a ‘will kill your first born’ kind of way.

I only have one shot of one of the girls as a child so far. And I forget which girl – whichever it is, she’s a supernatural lover. Will try harder for the next update…

Wiggles has started learning spells and is doing the LTW related to that. I hope it won’t take forever. This house is way too crowded – Puddle, Ophelia, Bunnicula, Wiggles, Blackberry, Ecover, Silverstone, Drusilla, Count Duckula, Bathory, Rosanna, Lestat, Rudiger and the incoming baby. Far too crowded.

Next generation I’m going to have like two kids in the heir race and that will be it. I swear. (Maybe)

Loving the supernatural animations though.

So cool. We don’t have Seasons yet. I think I’ve played my game a total of three times since Supernatural came out, I’m in no way ready for another EP! I will probably aim to get it some time before last Christmas post so I can play it over the festive period when I have a few days off work.

‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the luckiest sim of all’

‘Probably not you, dear, as you’re stuck in this madhouse until you get golden bodyparts’

She’s working hard at it – or at least the guitar part. I’m hoping that will make her enough friends that the charisma part will come fairly easy.

Drusilla was a bit glitchy so I had to age her up early. She has started a band with Puddle and Ophelia, and when Count Duckula turns YA, he will join them. Not that they’ve done anything band-y yet. She wants to be a one-sim band and is self-employed as ‘band’ for a job. Count Duckula wants to be a rock star so I don’t know if that will even be compatible with the band, but we’ll see.

My gaming consists of a lot of this at the moment.

This is Drusilla having a vampiric sunscreen potion from Wiggles, by the way, which temporarily means she’s OK to be outside. I’m thinking of devamping her and Count Duckula as I did Leon Jackson though – I know you can get permanent vampire sunscreen with an LTR but it still takes a lot of happiness points.

Bunnicula does a lot of magic.

Most of it badly.

Some of it…

…a danger to townies’ lives.


Nevermind, sweetie, just concentrate on the shiny…

Join us next time for more supernatural shenanigans and a new baby!



  1. I wish my laptop would run all the EP’s – it only just about copes with the base game!
    Nice update though 🙂

    • Mine copes – just about – but the graphics throw a duck fit every now and then.

  2. Lestat is interesting the purple and green is a nice color. My homes hate me when I get that many sims into the house and them getting out the door to school and work was a nightmare.

    • Yeah, Generations makes that even more of a pain.

      • I know with all that scolding going on they can not get to school or work.

      • Scolding is the worst thing EA ever did to this game. EVER.

    • He’s kind of cute. I’m a bit over purple although the lilac is a newer shade (I’m also over green and two of the kids like variations of it)

  3. Nice to see you update again Rad.

    Where did you get the magic mirror from?

    • Is it not in Supernatural? If not then it’ll be from the EA store

      • It’s from Supernatural.

      • Ah, cool

  4. I can’t believe I missed this update! *flails sadly*
    Aneeeeway *offers cookies* So much fun with the potions! There are so many to explore and have fun with!
    The singing career is a lot of fun! Will he be making performances on the stage yet?
    I love that you have so many different coloured ghosts :3 Makes me want more ghosts!
    heee, magic tricks are haard! XD

  5. Well, looks like I’m finally all caught up on your legacy. Can’t remember when I started, but I’ve been reading it on and off for a while. Time to subscribe so I don’t miss any new updates! 😀

    Also, thanks for giving us this post even with memory gaps, etc. At least we get to see what’s going on with them. ^^ And I’m in awe of how far/long you’ve managed to play this. I’ve…never gotten past Gen 2 in any family, haha. *confessions*

    • The next post might be a bit closer to when I play as I haven’t played since this chapter came out and I have some time off work coming up for Christmas… we’ll see.

  6. Hi JC! I can’t wait to experiment more. Am a bit disillusioned with the game at the moment because it needs patching and modding all the time and it’s not the kindest to my computer, but I will be off work soon for Christmas and will have a bit more patience then to play!

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