Posted by: Rad | October 25, 2009

The obligatory opening bits (1): lawn-living and man-grabbing


This may be a legacy with a few twists, but it’s a legacy nonetheless, so you know what our first two posts have to be, right?  Lawn living and man-grabbing in this entry, followed by the obligatory second post in which the porcelain throne makes an appearance.  I know you all want to get onto the crazy learnings and experiments and stuff, but legacy blogs are legacy blogs and rules must be obeyed.

Amaryllis Daye is our “esteemed” founder.  I use that  term lightly because, much as I like her, she’s no Lianndra Kyoti or Alf Lazarus.  She is a childish, workaholic, friendly, bookworm with a green thumb.  Those last four traits would be fine founder material.  That first one, well, as we’ll see in the chapters to come, it’s a bit “special”.  Her LTW is to be a Jack-of-All-Trades.  This is perhaps a silly LTW for a founder to be having, especially when they’ve got babies to be popping out, but readers of The Kyoti Legacy will know how much that thing haunted me, so we’re going to try and get it over and done with.

Her favourite colour is red.  This is significant, as I’ll be decorating rooms and dressing sims according to their favourite colours, and there will always be a ‘founder’s room’ on the lot somewhere in red.  Her favourite food is hot dogs – again, I am aiming to get every sim to eat their favourite food at least once.  Hot dogs is a nice easy choice for a founder to have as it doesn’t require any real skill, and you can cook them in the park.


These are Amaryllis’s worldly goods: a double bed because I don’t intend her to hang around being single for too long, and a guitar, because as we all know, guitars are a sim’s best friend.  She gets her first job in the medical career (remember, she has to reach level five in four careers), does a day’s work and buys herself a fridge as well.


She doesn’t have a toilet yet, so you’re spared the legacy staple shots of her eating her cereal on the loo.


It’s a Saturday and she doesn’t have any work to do, so she gets on with the serious business of starting her garden (I’m determined to have a decent-ish garden throughout if I can) and then decamps to the park to find a mate.  I’ve strictly forbidden her from dating legacy bait.  The usual suspects are there, but she knows she’s not allowed to talk to them.


She plays chess with Thornton Wolff to build up some of that much needed logic skill and she also discovers he’s married, and then chats to this other bloke, who also happens to be married.  Then they have a fight.  Amaryllis finds this amusing for some reason.  Although this is a ‘try everything’ legacy and I will have to have someone breaking up a marriage somwhere along the line, I’d rather it wasn’t my founder.  So we keep looking.  I want her to marry a magician, as service sims are on my “to do” list (heh).  But there isn’t one to be seen.


Amaryllis is kind of keen on this guy but Stiles is still too much of a legacy staple for my liking so they can be friends and nothing more.

We spend a few hours in the park, when Amaryllis alerts me to something.


Well, two things, actually, as she’s pretty hungry by this stage.


Of course, she launches into the food before chatting up the man.  I get a look at him – not your usual legacy type.  Blonde hair with red streaks, which is potentially good.  He’s called Abraham Finkel.  I kind of recognise that name from somewhere, but I can’t picture it.  Never mind, Abraham and Amaryllis has a nice ring to it, especially if I randomly decide to go alphabetical.  I was hoping she’d go for a service sim, but what the heck, it’s not easy to get one of those when you haven’t got any money to hire a maid or buy something that burns.


What you don’t see here is that while these two are chatting, Christopher Steel keeps poking his head into the shot.  He’s obviously heard there’s a new legacy founder in town and is coming to claim what he believes is rightly his.  At this point, I’m getting annoyed and all ‘Oi!  Steel!  Not all legacies are about you!’  (With hindsight I realise that having him in the shot trying to get some more of that legacy limelight would have been really funny.  Oh well.)


Amaryllis gets home later and can’t wait to call her future partner.  Being childish, though, all she ever wants to talk about are yetis, jellyfish and dragons.  It’s an interesting strategy.

It’s at this point I realise why I know the name Abraham Finkel – he was actually the original Mr Foliage, and I consider finding someone else.  But Amaryllis really likes him, she’s rolled lots of wishes about him, and he’s still a fairly unusual legacy mate.  Besides, with a name like hers, she could almost be a Foliage family member, and, what’s more important, we’ve done the party phone trick and found out he’s a young adult.  So we’re standing by our man.


The next day she awakes, confident she’ll be a legacy wife by the end of it.


Abraham comes over and they spend all day chatting, moaning about being tired and eating stuff from the fridge.  Eventually, after an onslaught of flirting, Abraham becomes Amaryllis’s romantic interest.  She then goes to sleep and he reads on her bed.


I make her wake up, and after a lot of flirting and making out… he rejects her for woo-hoo.


Amaryllis goes back to sleep and Abraham passes out on the floor, rather than sharing her bed.  She hasn’t asked him to stay the night so I presume this is why he doesn’t get in.  That, or the floor is comfier than the basic bed.


Any attempts at romance before Amaryllis has to go to work the next morning (for these two have been at it, or rather, NOT at it, for that long) are thwarted by her Kyoti-like grip on her bladder, and Abraham’s lack of sleep.


However, while Amaryllis is at work, Abraham spends the rest of the day on her lot.  It’s at this point that I’m thinking ‘aww, look, he’s waiting for her.  They’re made for each other’.  What I should have been thinking is ‘is it really a great idea for these two to be starting a legacy?’

Join us next time for the second of the obligatory opening bits, and let’s see if these two can get any more competent as they go along…



  1. Yay a new legacy. I am excited to see what happens next.

  2. Wahoo!!!! It’s so nice to see Abe again. Those blonde with red streaks genes are powerful; his Foliage granddaughter has his hair.

    LOVE the name Amaryllis, and love the fact that you are starting your Try Everything Legacy™. Ever since I read those rules on boolprop, I’ve been intrigued.

    • I feel like I pinched your man 😦 But his hair is cool. It’d be even cooler if the game would fuse his hair with Ama’s in their offspring but as far as I know it can’t do that.

      I noticed the hair in your last update and wondered what you’d think of him being in my family.

      • I think it’s awesome. He deserves to appear in more legacies. Shame on ol’ Chris Steele for trying to hog the spotlight! 🙂

        Was he working at the Bistro?

  3. No, just hanging around in the park whilst we were trying to avoid Chris, Leighton, Stiles and co and hunting in vain for a magician.

  4. What? Are there seriously magicians in this game? Or is that a joke I’m not getting?

    I’m pleased to see the beginnings of the new legacy.

    The part I’m looking forward to most is seeing lots of pictures of the whacked out house they’re going to have.

    Yep, garden in first update. You’re all set. 😀

    Oh, Rad, do you want me to link directly here or to that Rad Sims page?

    • Here for now, I think. I mean, there will be content over there soon, especially with some of those VSS min-challenges I’m itching to try, but, um, yeah. Just a whole load of tumbleweed right now…

      There are magicians! I have seen them in other legacies! I want one!

  5. Well, then I know what my first request is. 😀

    K, I’ll go make a link now. Let me know if you decide you want it pointing elsewhere later.

  6. I really like this twist. Great start!

  7. LOL!! yay Rad, a new legacy.

  8. Allow me to say: BEST LEGACY IDEA. In the entire Simverse. ever.

    I’ll be giggling happily with every new enstalment, thanks for being such a great simmer!

    • Aww, thanks. I didn’t want to do another “regular” legacy with the base game and I wanted to play with everything in the game so I thought I’d have fun… and so far I am doing!

  9. Great start! Amarylis certainly has interesting hair. But she’s pretty.
    I’m not sure that any of my sims have ever spent any time with Finkel.
    *goes to google the magicians* Oh you may have some trouble with the magician, people are saying with the female getting her into the house is a nightmare, she only has 3 traits, and the special magician career she’s in prior to marriage disapears, and other than that and she teleports after a few seconds of arriving in the sunset valley central park she/he is gone. Rumour has it that one of the ghosts in the graveyard is one.

    • Well, we’ll see how it works with magicians. I’ve never even seen one in my game so I’m intrigued. We’re going to be romancing ghosts at some point as well.

  10. Theres really magician service sims? ha, but anyway i like how you made your founders hair a whole bunch of different colors

  11. Right! I’ve been wanting to read this for ages and that is my next little project until I’m totally up-to-date! I like the beginning and especially your ‘observational’ writing style a lot.

    • Hi Moondaisy! I had to go observational, I couldn’t think of another story for a legacy – besides, this isn’t really a story, it’s a very long experiment…

  12. Hey Rad, i just found out about this legacy and im really liking it!!! The intro was great, and Im enjoying how original it is. Ive added you to my blogroll (i hope u dont mind) And i was wondering if u can add me too, it would be an honour ! 🙂

  13. Lol! My founder had a guy stay on her lot the whole day when shee was at work too. 😛

    • Really? Sims are funny.

  14. I’m late to the party but I thought I’d mosey on over and check this out. 🙂 I’m loving the founding couple already! Childish is one of my favorite traits.

    • Hey Styx! It’s one of my favourites now, after Ama explored its potential. I love Ama’n’Abe. They set a tone for this family, that’s for sure…

  15. Thank you for sharing my site with your readers. I hope you are still enjoying Sims 3. I think Generations brings some good improvements to the formula 🙂

    • I love your site, so its a pleasure. Having fun with generations so far 🙂

  16. Saw you had another legacy and had to read it. I adore amaryllis already 🙂

    • Aww I miss Ama!

  17. This looks interesting. I hope all the peeps don’t get too confusing for me to remember. ^_^

    • Hopefully you’ll be OK. All the ghosts and simbots later on might get a bit confusing (for which read they confused me)

      • Oh dear.

  18. I know I’m way behind, but I’ve been missing Sims 3 a lot lately. Just redownloaded my old games for the first time in 3 years. I’ve been wanting to do something along these lines. Just really experience everything the Sims has to offer. If you actually have an actual list made out I would love to see it. been scouring the internet for something like this for the last three days.

    • I don’t have a full list – there’s a list of what I wanted to do in the about section I think? Plus some nominal ‘scores’. I miss it a lot – I can’t play games or blog any more after an accident in 2015 and I miss the Sims 3 loads.

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