Screenshot-26Ever felt like there were aspects of The Sims 3 you wanted to try out but were afraid of how they might affect your legacy? Wondered what might happen if you ate ambrosia, had a ghost child, were visited by a social worker, used all of your mean sim’s nasty interactions or took that ‘steal money from the campaign’ chance card?

Well, the Daye family are going to help you find out. Through as many generations as it takes, this lot will be trying out EVERYTHING the game has to offer: ghosts and their babies, opportunities, interactions, collecting, buying and building everything in the catalogue, every trait, every LTW, visiting every location in their town. They’re still going to aim to do all the stuff regular legacy families do, like work hard, have kids and fulfil their wishes… they’re just going to do everything else as well.

Your founder, Amaryllis, will be checking her mailbox for new suggestions of wacky things that her descendants can be doing, so if there’s stuff you’re too scared to try, be that an interaction, a trait, or a choice, tell the Dayes all about it and at some point during their legacy they’ll have a go and report back. They and I can’t promise it’ll be straight away, but we’ll definitely make sure someone in the family fulfils your requirements.

The blog’s going to be attempting to try everything the game offers. But before we can get on to all of that, we’ve got the traditional legacy business to be getting on with:

(Links to all my fave sites can be found on Rad’s Sims Stuff, where I’ll also be posting thoughts, news and mini-stories/challenges in due course.  I’ll only link to other ‘try everything’ stories here as otherwise I’d never cope with updating all the links).